In-House Legal Service

As a Firm, we have a long-standing and successful track record in providing fixed-price and ‘blended’ retainer legal service models for corporate and commercial clients.

These models have evolved to the extent that in some cases they are now effectively the equivalent of clients having an in-house legal service.


The in-house legal service we offer can be as flexible as you like. In some instances, we are your in-house lawyers for all mainstream issues; in other instances we will support one or more of your internal functions (for example, HR) and often we will work alongside your in-house legal resource, giving it a sounding board or filling a vacuum in its expertise.

Know your fixed cost      

The most popular model is our fixed-price one. This model is aimed at taking care of all or some of your legal needs in a time and cost effective way. Its popularity stems from the reliability of having an in-house legal resource which understands the needs of your business and the predictability of a fixed price.

Trust an expert team                                  

Whichever model is chosen, you have cost certainty and access to a team of experienced, efficient and commercially minded lawyers over a range of legal specialisms, who understand your business and what it needs in terms of legal input.

If you would like to talk to us about what we can do for your business then please feel free to telephone us on 0115 947 6651 and ask for Christopher Gigg, or email him on [email protected]